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The Joint Building Contracts Committee commonly referred to as the JBCC came into existence in 1997, and is a registered Section 21 Company. The aim of the committee is to compile contract documentation with an equitable distribution of contractual risk pertaining to the building industry.

The batch of documents has to be approved by The Construction Industry Development Board, and has been selected for use by national and provincial state sectors.

JBCC contracts are for sale at all four of Master Builders branches. Members of the Association are entitled to preferential pricing.


The following are available as free downloads on the JBCC website.

  • Adjudication Rules                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Form of Tender
  • Site Possession Certificate
  • Waiver of Contractor's Lien
  • Construction Guarantee PBA Edition 5.0
  • Construction Guarantee PBA Edition 4.1
  • Construction Guarantee N/S Edition 5.0
  • Construction Guarantee P/S Edition 4.1
  • Payment Guarantee PBA
  • Payment Guarantee N/S
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Variable Construction Guarantee MWA Edition 4
  • Variable Construction Guarantee MWA Edition 3
  • Employer Payment Guarantee MWA
  • Payment Certificate PBA
  • Payment Certificate Notification PBA
  • Recovery Statement PBA
  • Recovery Statement N/S
  • Payment Certificate MWA
  • Certificate of interim Completion PBA
  • Certificate of Completion MWA