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Complete the Complaint Form and send it to:

The Executive Director

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal

PO Box 582, Westville, 3630

Fax: 031-2666348

The Association's complaints process cannot be initiated until you submit a fully completed complaint form.  Once the complaint is received, a copy is forwarded to the member in question with a request for a response.

We do offer the following in order resolve the complaint:

The Association has an established Complaints process. The role of the Staff of the Association is not to determine contractual disputes and technical issues. The Association cannot force a member to do any work, or pay/refund any monies to clients and does act as a mediator in disputes between members and their clients.  If the Association's Staff find that a member has failed to adequately abide by the Associations Code of Conduct, the matter may be referred to the Executive Council of the Association.  If the charges are found to be sustained after the appropriate investigations and hearing, the Executive Council can impose sanctions on the member, ranging from reprimand, a fine, suspension or cancellation of membership.