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The disciplinary procedure is defined by Clause 27 of the Constitution, which reads as follows:

  1. All members should make themselves conversant with and shall ipso facto be bound by the Articles of Association, whether the same may or may not have been signed by them.

Any member who shall depart from any of the Articles of the Association or any Resolutions adopted by the Association or the Executive Council or who shall have been guilty of any conduct which in the opinion of the Executive Council renders the member unworthy of membership of the Association may be suspended on such terms and conditions and for such period as the Executive Council may determine, or may be fined such amount, not exceeding R10 000 (ten thousand Rand) as the Executive Council may determine, or may e both suspended and fined, or may be fined and expelled from the Association, or may have any of the privileges heshe is entitled to by virtue of hisher membership removed or suspended for such period as may be determined by the Executive Council.

Notice of such suspension, fine or expulsion shall be forwarded by the Executive Director within 7 (seven) working days to the member by registered letter, and such member desiring to appeal to the members of the Association against the decision of the Executive Council, shall within 14 (fourteen) working days of such notice, request, in writing, the Executive Director to call a General Meeting of the Association, and the Executive Director shall convene such meeting to be held within 30 (thirty) working days of receipt of such request.

The member appealing shall be entitled to be present at such General Meeting and shall be heard; and the majority vote at such meeting shall be final.

Should a penalized member fail to appeal as provided, heshe shall have no further right of appeal; and should heshe fail to appeal; or should hisher suspension, fine or expulsion be confirmed, the Executive Director shall forthwith notify such decision to every member of the Association and notice of such decision may also be sent to other interested persons or bodies, or published, at the discretion of the Executive Council.

In the event of the suspension or expulsion of any member heshe shall have no claim against the Association or any of its members in respect thereof.

In the event of any member presenting to the Executive Council a complaint in writing of the conduct of any member, a meeting of the Executive Council shall as soon as practicable be held to consider same, and determine what course shall be taken with reference thereto.