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The idea behind the online Health and Safety forum was borne out of the success of the regular monthly OHS meetings, which are held at the Association's premises in Westville every second month. These meetings are well co-ordinated and supported, with attendance figures often close to the 100 mark. However, there was no platform to continue discussions initiated, between meetings.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal therefore launched the Occupational Health and Safety online forum, which now enables anyone in Southern Africa with an interest in Construction Health and Safety, to interact with other like-minded people 24 hours a day, from the comfort of their office/home.


  • To provide an online forum for Health and Safety Officers to discuss Health and Safety related issues, equipment and resources. This forum will, in itself, be a valuable resource and source of information to Health and Safety Professionals and other interested parties.
  • To serve as an Advertising Channel for the Association's Advertising Hub, thereby linking Health and Safety Professionals with Health and Safety product and service vendors.

The OHS forum runs on an industry-leading software platform and has a live feed into various pages of the Masterbuilders.co.za website. Although users need to register to post, access to the forum is open and free for anyone who has an interest in Health and Safety. The decision to open up the online forum to persons outside of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal, was taken to allow for an additional pool of contributors to share knowledge and add value. This will increase the value of the forum and ultimately contribute towards a Healthier and Safer workplace environment.


The Forum is accessible 24 hours a day


Membership is Free.  Members include; Registered Health and Safety Professionals in the Construction Industry, Health and Safety Members and Industry Stakeholders


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  • Forum officially launched at the beginning of April 2009
  • Over 2600 Registered Users - New users registering daily