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We are passionate about the personal safety of individuals working on sites, and strongly advocate that adhering to proper safety standards, is in the best interest of all parties.

As legal penalties are imposed for non compliance, we have a number of Occupational Health and Safety services available to members to ensure that their safety practices, fall in line with Occupational Health and Safety legalisation.

A key area of focus for us is spending time with members assisting them in improving their existing programmes and procedures.

Members are kept informed of all new Occupational Health and safety legislation and are provided with professional advice and guidance on how to implement it.

Site surveys and audits are carried out, followed by recommendations being made with regard to areas that need improvement. We also assist our members with incident investigations as well as the resulting reports.

KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders recognizes how important it is that those working in potentially dangerous environments fully understand, the precautions that need to be taken, in order to prevent incident. Construction site work does come with inherent danger, and therefore all safety aspects, have to be considered.

Proper training is an area that simply cannot be overlooked; it is with this in mind that we, as a service to our members, coordinate Occupational Health and Safety training. We also arrange forums and workshops on informative Occupational Health and Safety topics.

Further services include arranging and conducting the Association's annual Site Occupational Health and Safety competition as well as maintaining, upgrading and promoting the National Site Safety Manual and carrying out Site Star Grading Audits.