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South African Labour Law has undergone a host of changes over the last 3 decades driven by constitutional developments relating to the requirement of fairness.  For those who are unfamiliar with its complexities, yet have to deal with labour related issues on daily basis in the work environment, it can seem intimidating. These rules emanate from common law and statute and are there to regulate the relationship between those who employ staff, as well as those who hire their labour to others.

Zululand Regional Manager Paula Leah, after 15 years work experience of dealing with labour related issues, has completed the UCT Law at Work course which covers practical Labour Law for everyday circumstance.

While we aren't in a position to explain each and every one of the rules we are able to provide you with a broad framework and assist you, with your workplace labour relations queries.

We are able to advise you on all facets applicable to South African labour law and its practical application and we are able to provide you with operational tools such as document templates, to implement in your workplace

We are also able to supply you with guidelines to the following:

  • The employment contract, basic conditions of employment and termination of employment
  • Workplace discipline and automatically unfair dismissals
  • Dismissal for misconduct and poor performance or incapacity
  • Dismissal for operational requirements, closures, mergers and sale of business
  • Unfair labour practice and employment equity
  • An introduction to collective labour law and industrial action
  • Dispute resolutions and CCMA procedures

For assistance relating to Labour issues, please contact Paula on 083 417 0044.