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social responsibility


Like all organisations, the Master Builders Association of KwaZulu-Natal is a corporate citizen that lives in a state of interdependence with other citizens and members of society. As such the activities and attitudes of the Association affect the lives of other members of the society which it shares with them. In turn, the activities and attitudes of these members of society affect the Association.

The Association supports the principal of equality, recognising that all are ultimately united, even in their diversity. Due to a range of factors, many of which are historical, society as it is today has not yet reached a state of equality. It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all have equal access to resources and this lack often creates hardship.

The Association believes that it has not only a moral responsibility to contribute towards the betterment of those who face such hardship, but that a well structured and considered contribution can actually build a better society, with better systems, which can in turn positively affect the lives of many people in the future.

The Association therefore seeks to empower the people to which it contributes, ultimately enabling those people to, in turn, contribute positively to the society. Education and the imparting of constructive knowledge is therefore seen as an integral and essential element of the corporate social responsibility initiatives in which the Association participates. In this way we hope to positively affect many more lives than just those of the people we can touch.