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The purpose of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal training division is to reach learners of all levels, to impart skills that will create opportunities for sustainable employment. Development of Human Resources is essentially about investing in people, it creates a broader structure for the development of human resources, and while employees achieve personal growth, a positive work ethic also gets fostered.

Comprehensive job knowledge not only serves to expand the horizons of individual intellect, it also leads to increased profitability. Improved efficiency stimulates a positive attitude towards profit orientation, and goes a long way towards swift implementation of strategies and the achieving of long-term company objectives.

From a client perspective, it leaves an exceedingly positive impression when all parties engaged with are efficient, willing and knowledgeable. Improved skills and training inspires an upbeat energetic working environment as well as healthy employer employee relationships.

Training is a Win Win initiative. It empowers companies to optimize utilization of human resources, while at the same time, aiding individuals in reaching personal milestones. With a proper skills development programme in place, organizational goals and personal goals, become aligned.