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Are you bright, ambitious, energetic, creative...?
Do you admire fine craftsmanship that goes into building houses and other structures? 
Are you detail oriented?
Do you believe that houses and other structures should be surrounded by plants and trees?
Do you like working with others?

Then the construction industry has something for you. There are many trades and occupations within the construction sector.  <hyperlink this last sentence to OFO_Codes_for_Construction_33.pdf in folder> old link http://www.masterbuilders.co.za/resources/docs/Training-PDFs/OFO_Codes_for_Construction_33.pdf

Why Construction?

The construction industry is a vital employer in South Africa’s economy.  It offers the opportunity to create and to build, to maintain, alter and to retrofit. Whether the project is big or small, it is built carefully and capably by people with the ingenuity, skill and education to create. This could be your world.

You can take pride in your work and it is one of few careers where you can see the results of your work every day.

You can have the pride of building:

  • Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Office Blocks
  • Factories
  • Stadium and airport season(?) (construction) might be over for a while

There are many ways to build a long rewarding career – you can become:

  • an artisan
  • foreman
  • supervisor
  • planning
  • management
  • or even start you own business

Team work

Construction uses high-tech equipment and relies on team work. If you enjoy working with people and want a profession filled with excitement and variety, you can find a satisfying, life-long career in the construction industry.

On-the-Job Safety

Safety is fast becoming a number one priority in the construction industry. Accidents in the past have both influenced legislation and impacted on the mindset of construction workers, management and bosses. The Master Builders Association has a well organised Health and Safety Department that advises the industry in many ways. (Link to Health and Safety Dept.)